Hair loss affects about 50 million men and about 30 million women.  Recent studies also show, that almost half of African American women experience some form of alopecia. This growing concern has women and men across the country looking for a solution to Regrow, Restore and Repair damaged Hair.

NouriTress CEO and founder, Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Trichologist and Hair Loss Specialist, DeShawn Bullard, decided to take this conversation to the streets by touring the country and talking to both women and men about their hair concerns. 

Having hair concerns and want help? Share your story with us. Email us your story to and get the help you need now! Place "My Hair Story" in the subject line.

Natural Hair Silk Press using NouriTress PRO

Natural Hair Silk Press - Model 2

NouriTress PRO Hair Makeover

NouriTress CEO talk with Dermatologist About Alopecia